Apex Magazine Indigenous Futurists

Indigenous Futurists will publish in October as a special issue of Apex Magazine from guest editor Allison Mills. The submissions portal for the issue is now open, so if you identify as an Indigenous writer from any part of the world and would like to submit a story for consideration, please do so! Submissions will remain open until July 15th.

Visit https://apexbookcompany.moksha.io/publication/apex-magazine-indigenous-futurists to submit your work! We look forward to reading it.

—Submissions via this portal will only be considered for the Indigenous Futurists issue. If you'd like to make a standard submission to Apex Magazine visit our portal *here*. Please, no simsubs!

Submissions are closed for Apex Magazine Indigenous Futurists

Apex Magazine Indigenous Futurists is currently closed to submissions. You cannot submit at this time.